DUST OF MYTHS Performance

The story fell apart, but here we are, dancing in dust of myths… Dancer Mileen Borgonjon and poet-performer Maya Wuytack are doing an artistic residency on Body Love Berlin. Dancer-choreographer Fanny Brouyaux will be coaching and co-directing. Their research focusses on processes of connecting and disconnecting; falling apart and bringing together; the connective tissues between poetry and choreography, words and flesh, absence and desire, presence and memory, space and synchronicity,… They will be creating Dust of Myths, a new piece which will première on Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran Performance Festival in Beirut in the beginning of September.


Poet and theatre maker Maya Wuytack (1987) graduated as Master in Dramatic Arts from Herman Teirlinck Institute and the Theatre Conservatory of Ghent, KASK. She writes, performs and directs threatre productions with crossovers to dance, visual art and music. Together with her artistic ‘partners in crime’ she founded POST.TRAUM.Collective.

As an artist she explores the language of the senses and poetics of the speaking body. Collaborating with dancers, musicians and visual artists she creates hypnotic physical scores in which poetry, music, light en bodies merge, ‘lighterature’. Between speech and speechlessness everything can be said. Facing the unknown, the depth of our existence can be revealed. The nomadic body at the heart of the performance, is surrendering to intuition, vision and impulses. The performers connect deeply in the flux of changing energies, rhythms, emotions.


With POST.TRAUM.Collective, Maya is currently working on her new production ‘BEYOND THE BODY: The Other Side, in collaboration with KC Vooruit and Les Ballets C de la B.

TRAILER Beyond The Body The Other Side: https://vimeo.com/223104057

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