Mileen Borgonjon (BE, °1982) is a dancer & performer, poet and dance teacher. In 2011 she graduated at TIP, school of dance, improvisation and performance in Freiburg (DE).

As an artist she researches inter-human connections, the fine universes of the different senses and how they connect with space and time, as well as the work of composing in the instant and what that means in a performance setting. She often collaborates with artists of other media, looking for common or new artistic languages.

Sources of huge inspiration for movement research and expression are contact improvisation, Play-Fight, the spiraling ways through space and into the floor, the different and diverse movement qualities we hold in our bodies, (cat-)animals and their beautiful movement instincts, poetry, our communication with music and rhythm, connection and isolation.

Mileen continuously deepens and refines knowledge, skills, experience and expertise through performing, exchanging, teaching and through training with masters.

She is dance coordinator for WISPER (an organization for art education in Belgium) and teaches contemporary dance, contact improvisation and instant composition. Since 2013 Mileen is part of the artistic collaboration POST.TRAUM.Collective.

More information on past and current projects of the collective can be found on the website: