Dear participant of the Body Love Festival

Its the sixth year for our festival on a lake in nature! To create a space for interdisciplinarity, encounter, exchange and sharing with different disciplines of body awareness, music and dance. An enovironment to explore your awareness and love of your body.


Come by car

If your planning to come with your own car please bring as many people as possible with you! We have a Facebook Event use this to get in contact with each other. Please take special care to include the people from other countries arriving by plane in Berlin. If you might have a place to stay before or after the festival, please offer it to those they will be very thankful. 


Share Informations

You can share informations, looking for a ride or communicate about a place to stay in Berlin before you come to the festival through our Facebook Event

Adress: Hof „Amseltango“, Lindenstrasse 10, 19089 Barnin & Strandbad 19089 Barnin


Arrival by train:

Next Train Station is Crivitz, you can reach it from Berlin or Hamburg. You have to be at the train station that day in the morning 9.00 a.m. to meet other participants from festival to travel cheaper in group tickets !  To make this trip as comfortable and economic as possible you should travel in a group of 5 people. With the special mini group Ticket Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket, price € 78.- ,  with 5 person (15.60 € per person, bring change! Bycicles cost € 5 extra). Chose the box only local transport online, because No IC or ICE train possible with reduced group ticket. You will get Tickets on the vending mashine on the gate in the train station. Meet in groups at the gate and be on time. Have fun with each other, the festival has already begun =)


Berlin-Crivitz 18.July 9.25 a.m. connection scedule here ENGLISH

Crivitz-Berlin 23. July 3.oo p.m. connection scedule here ENGLISH

Hamburg- Crivitz 18.July 10.21 a.m. connection scedule here ENGLISH

Crivitz-Hamburg 23. July 3.00 p.m. connection scedule here ENGLISH


You need to walk from the train station to the lake campside/ farmhouse (about 1 hour) There will be an luggage pick up and scouts with way discription at train station at 1 p.m. only. PLEASE TAKE TRAIN WE RECOMMEND IN ORDER TO BE ON TIME!

Arrival at the venue Please arrive and register at the venue the Farm house on Thursday 18 July from 13.00 on. Not before!

Registration: Please register first moment you come between 13.00-16.00 at the registration desk. Bring cash in € to the registration that day to complete your festival fee. No ATM close by!

Securtity our venue is a super lovely Strandbad & Farmhouse with gardens in the sweet nature of Barnin. We will be there with many people, tents, campers, kitchen dancefloor etc. The Strandbad is an public space not an secured camping site! You have to take care of your valuables all time by your own. Best is not to bring unessesary valuables like Labtops, expensive cameras. There is rarely a cellphone connection or Internet. As well in the house will be no Internet provided. Make your arrangements for your further travels before you come to the Festival. With open questions for your way back we will help you to organise there, dont worry!

Use this days to live the new luxury of being UNPLUGGED and RELAXE completely!



Very important to bring EVERYONE (as well those sleeping in the house):

-sleeping bag (and bedsheet)


-rain jacket and pullover. Think about wearing layers !

-biological shampoo

-your own dishes


-knife, falk, spoon etc.


-a own bottle (to be filled with drinking water)


People in tents bring additionally ;




to swim and dance in the lake:

-Beach towl

-Bathing suite, Bikini etc.



For any further questions please read the webside carefully before you contact me.


Lets dance, jam and celebrate! 

Your Body Love Festival Team