Lets play and celebrate life!

The festival will take place from July 23rd afternoon till July 28th after lunch. We will give enough time to arrive and will publish the best options to come there from Berlin or Hamburg. Next train station is Crivitz near Schwerin.

On two indoor and two outdoor dancefloors we will have a all day program. Plus Healing area, Chill Chai, Smoothies bar & Market place.

We will offer “Intensives”, and ongoing course on three mornings with the same teacher/discipline. Intensives in the mornings will be Contact Improvisation, Tribal Shake and Somatics & CI. “Classes” will be two sessions of the same teacher/ discipline mainly in the afternoons. We will have enough time to relax and enjoy together during the day, to jump in the lake, having a treatment in the healing area or hanging out in the Chill Out. There will be a children program during the morning and afternoon classes.