Body Love Ecstatic Festival 23 – 28 July 2020

Festival is fully booked.  The waiting list is open, you will get an info on 13 July if you can join.  Confirmed helpers and people paid deposit before already please register here your place is reserved!

We offer a sliding contribution system based on self assessment to support people with lower income. We give for as many as possible the chance to be a helper so you can reduce your costs with 80€ additionally (full). Speak to us if you have kids and want to come as a family we will  find an ecomonic way for all of you to join!

Contribution: sliding scale 260-360 € in own Tent, 280- 380 € in own Camper.

It inlcudes all courses & performance nights during the festival 23. – 28. July 2020. Accommodation plus daily 80% organic vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner. All levels are welcome to the festival.

0-4 years – free
5-11 years – 50% reduction
12-15 years – 30% reduction


Please Register online here below for Body Love Ecstatic Festival 2020 and take note of the following, before registering through the online formular below:

  • Please use the email address for general questions.
  • Please note that if you have a history of any mental inbalance or medication the festival setting can be intensive, and it is not a recomendable healing place in such cases. You are obliged let us know if you are suffering from any severe physical or mental health issues or if you are under medication.
  • Also, by registering you recognize, that the organizers and teachers are not liable for any damages or injuries.