Tuning in and vibing with each of these Circle and Medicine Songs with our voices dancing together, nourishes our heart on a level we cannot reach in any other way. We wake up to our own as well as to the group body, which seems a deep human longing nowadays more than ever. These songs are soulfully selected pieces with lyrics that can raise our awareness to all the good stuff that’s always present. Sometimes this good stuff can stir and move feelings that want to come out. All of you is welcome! Come, listen, sing, vibe, heal, love: Aho!

Anir is a heartful dancer and musician with her home being improvisation. Her patch-work-profession evolves all around the deeper connection to truth, creativity and liveliness. She works as a teacher, host, coach, performer and entrepeneur with some of the content being: Contact Improvisation, Dance Waves, Music, Self-Marriage, Earthmothers and Process-Work. She graduated in dance, improvisation and performance at TIP, bewegungsart Freiburg and freelances and lives in Berlin.