The Singing Body Vocal Improvisation Workshop

In any culture singing is uplifting and a powerful act of self-expression.

Darlini gives in this workshop an introduction to experiencing your own voice as an instrument and in giving shape to your musical and poetic self. The improvisational singing technique is accessible to beginners, yet challenging for more advanced singers. It invites participants to explore vocal possibilities in a frame that draws inspiration from traditional African singing. Layering harmonies and rhythms, using call and response, conducting entrances and creating spontaneous choir composition with the use of improvisation.

This experiential workshop cultivates and develops the traditional skills required for ensemble singing, tuning, sensitivity and it builds the basics of musicianship, including counterpoint, rhythmic precision, and astute listening. Darlini brings focus to physical awareness and movement as a platform to discover and explore the voice and its soundscape.





Singing is a sound of the heart, which allows a healing process to take place. It creates a sense of unity and can build strong bonds within communities. Darlini creates a safe and playful environment in which all levels and ages are welcome.

In a series of playful and technical exercises you will experience an interdisciplinary approach to singing and creating songs through improvisation. The exercises includes:

• Physical and vocal warm up
• Vocal anatomy,
• Correct posture (connectivity between sound and movement)

  • Correct use of breathing,
  • Thephysicsofresonanceandsounds
  • Theabilitytosingindifferentvocalregister
  • Group singing (traditional and contemporary songs,polyphony)
  • Percussive hands and feet (polyrhythmic)
  • Improvisation as an intuitive learning process
  • Musical composition
  • Theatre skills and stage presence.