Movement & Sound. A simply relaxing journey to Source.

We are one. We are nature. Our precious bodies are nature. And the experience of our bodies reminds us of our wholeness. In this sound & movement journey, I will guide us through a relaxing, meditative movement practice to let go of any tension in the body and to connect with our inner current. Let’s move in integrity with the laws of nature. Connect with the pulse & rhythm of life through breath and gentle movement explorations, accompanied to sweet sounds of live music. We will explore movement & breath principles from the school of Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais and Yoga. Be prepared to move freely, to dance, to roll over the floor, to find space in your joints, to relax your muscles and skin and to soften your connective tissue. The movement explorations will finish with a guided meditation/dream journey and soundhealing. This movement & relaxation journey offers a beautiful balance to integrate our wild dances and inspiring conversations of the festival, finding a moment let it all land, to rest in our bones, in deep intimacy with our presence and wholeness.




Jana is the founder of Ocean & Yoga, a project in Southern Portugal connecting yoga, surfing and nature reconnection on a beautiful organic farm to live the values of earthiness, community and simplicity. Her yoga sessions are body & soul nourishing journeys, drawing from traditional Hatha Yoga, Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, nature wisdom & songs. Jana is a passionate surfer and dancer and hosts Women’s Circles and Love Labs to change our culture around roles in relationships and intimacy. She has taught yoga, meditation and connection to inner resources for the past 8 years in Portugal. Before that she lived in Berlin teaching Anusara Yoga and founded and managed European Yogi Nomads, a project that still travels around Europe, connecting people, expanding the meaning of yoga and community. Before that she lived a fast-paced jet-set life and knows about the pressures and pains of having a career and workaholic mindset. 

“In my sessions, I will share generously with you everything that I have found valuable on my own path of finally falling in love with my own body, for a life well lived, in full expression, joy, honesty and integrity. We will explore the natural anatomy of the breath, pain-free movement, dance, meditation and deep relaxation exercises, healthy alignment principles respecting the laws of nature, our bodies and our sensations. Everyone is given space to explore their own sensations and truth. I draw from the traditions of traditional Hatha Yoga, Self Inquiry & Meditation, Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, and other healing arts. And of course from nature, songs and collective wisdom.”