Somatic Explorations into Contact Improvisation

In this workshop we will use somatic explorations inspired from Body-Mind-Centering in order to investigate and understand our Contact Impro practice on a deeper level. In my experience especially enrichening for the dance form is the exploration and embodiment of the developmental movement patterns described by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Remembering different steps of our own movement development from the moment of conception to the complexity of the unique human walking pattern can nourish, enrich and inspire our solo movement as well as our Contact Impro dances. Drawing inspirations and images from the animal kingdom where we can find similar movement organisations in water-living and/or land-living creatures supports moving from our inner wisdom and our inherent need and desire for movement and touch. Rediscovering the joy and journey how we first started to move in a pleasurable and efficient way – rediscovering ourselves, others and the environment through movement and touch shall be the main focus of the classes. Finding the breathing of the cells, our inner starfish and our soft spine using those somatisations as a point of departure for Contact Improvisation. There is always the option to explore your body in solo movements – no Contact duty at all! All levels welcome.


Marielle discovered her passion for dancing – especially for Contact Improvisation in 2012. Since then she is continuously fascinated by this unique and exciting danceform. In her practice as a dancer and teacher the exploration of developmental movement patterns, principles of leading and following over the soft tissues of the body and water work are very useful and exciting. She is interested in exploring anatomical structures in hands on work and while dancing.

Marielle assisted twice Daniel Werner’s and Joerg Hassmann’s CI Training Programme in Berlin. In Witzenhausen she organises the weekly Contact Impro Jam together with Katja-Bahini Mangold and teaches Contact Improvisation in regular evening classes, different workshop-formats and on various Contact Impro festivals in Germany and international in Austria, India and Portugal. Since 2016 she is also teaching in the school for contemporary dance Sozo Visions in Motion in Kassel, is involved in a couple of different performance projects and started to investigate the Axis Syllabus Movement and Body-Mind-Centering more closely, which she would like to continue and deepen in the future.