Chill zoning

I`m a passionate dancer
enjoy to go with full energy .
gather myself in my core where fireworks and calmness merging….
maybe thats why i like to create cozy places … to warm up and chill out even better……

to dance opens for me a wide room of research
the pleasure loosing and gaining balance together
travel weight and lightness
discover movements in there who are deeply connected with life.

when I started Ci I questioned myself in the dance and hopefully still :
can I cool down- be slow- pause
without loosing my liveliness
can I wait and listen
let it carry me
in the middle of the empty space
how much motion can I still
sence in stillness
can I let go and sink down even deeper

maybe there were might be
nothing is everything

Isn’t it nice to give up?
then sometimes things
we’ve tried hard or wished badly
sudden easy go ……..

dance dance dance…………….
and feel free to invite yourself
to a small dance in the chill zone……
be good to yourself when you need to
rest. restore.process. digest. nap. meditate.mediate recreate.collect ………………

and when you see me only rushing all over
please remind me to do so!