I  practice Contact Impro since 2006. 13 years full of new discoveries,
travelling to dance and teach, meeting wonderful people and constant
learning. I was based in Berlin for these past years and just moved to
Freiburg to live with my partner and little son Jonte. So my latest
research and pleasure is motherhood, a very special dance.

My sense of touch and the understanding of the human body moving has
been nurtured in many ways. Important was my natural medicine training
of three years including different massage and bodywork styles and
attending klein technique and axis syllabus classes. Crucial
inspirations for my CI practice come from learning and dancing with
Joerg Hassmann, Mirva Mäkinnen and Nancy Stark Smith.

I assisted Daniel Werner and Joerg Hassmann during five years in the CI
training program in Berlin and in international workshops, where I built
a strong base in CI technique and how to teach it. 7  years already I
am  co-organizer of  the Contact Festivals in Berlin (www.in-touch.es)
and for the 11th time I am part of the organizing team of the Contact
meets Contemporary Festival in Goettingen
(www.contact-meets-contemporary.de),  I co-founded the Out of Berlin Jam
(www.outofberlinjam.de).  From 2010 onwards I was  teaching weekend
workshops, weekly classes  in Berlin, many weekend workshops in Germany
and abroad (in Sweden, Denmark and Morocco) and on many CI Festivals in
Europe, Israel and Goa/India.

Teaching CI is amazing! To offer spaces for experiencing the joy of
being at home in a movable and connected body is such a fulfilling thing
to do.

Listening  –   Falling   –  Flying
Joyful contact Impro skills for all levels

We will deepen, reconnect and clarify our CI skills.
You can expect nice warmups and bodywork elements to open and soften
body and mind for meeting and exploring in the dance to get safely out
of control.
I am aiming for a spacious classes where learning can happen with ease.

I am very interested in having choice while dancing!  A detailed
perception gives more options and keeps the improvisation alive.
Listening to the movement and direction in/under the skin and taking a
decision on how to respond is one base to find different ways up and
down together and across the space, adjusting to the needs of the moment.

From there we will explore falling and flying. Experiencing this little
wonderfully exciting and awakening sensation in the body when a real
fall happens. Falling not as collapsing or crashing but somehow directed
gives a dance a nice flavour and can easily go into falling through
space together.

Lifts are exciting to play around with. It is a most fun experience if
the communication in a dance allows for little rides and flights.
Providing a strong yet soft base is as important as a light, connected
and oriented body is helpful for flying.  If you are newer to this dance
form you might still wonder how to get and stay on top, especially in
movement, or wonder where the ease in lifting comes from.
We will explore core strength and tone modulation into soft extension of
independent legs and arms, that allow us to fly and move on top of our
partners even while giving our full bodyweight. We will be going slow or
fast, into backspace, down over head or even up to the shoulders.

Come with loose, comfortable clothes. Long pants and sleeves can be good
to slide on the floor.
Depending on the weather also bring some socks for the bodywork parts.