Contact Improvisation!

It’s my pleasure in this intensive to give us a frame to clarify, deepen and reconnect to this wonderful dance form: contact improvisation!

We will work on expanding our choices and on having more freedom to do what feels good in a dance.

One core question is how to share weight while staying movable in receiving/supporting and in giving weight. We will explore sharing weight in moving through all the levels and staying in an easy dialog with our partners. We will develop ways of getting in and out of full weight situations and in and out of touch. By staying open and curious in what we do without forcing things to happen little lifts and thrilling moments will come in naturally!

Underlying all is: what is necessary of doing or none doing to arrive in a state of physical listening? For me it has a lot to do with letting go of the mind and getting with my presence into the body. The layers of the skin are a good place to start from. Here I can feel movement between me and my partner, directions, weight shifts and small changes.


Working on a sense of connectedness within our bodies we might find an awareness and presence to be able to adjust to every moment and the changes that are constantly happening.

There will be time for exercises and pleasure in details, delicious bodywork, hands on into movement, anatomical explorations of body structures and their movement possibilities and improvisation scores. And there will be space for just dancing, finding connections to myself and others, getting into a flow and melting into the moment.

Come to dance and deepen your love for CI!


I am a CI dancer, teacher and improviser based in Berlin. I passionately practice CI since 2006.

My sense for touch and the understanding of the human body moving has been nurtured in many ways. Important was my three years natural medicine training including different massage and bodywork styles and  attending klein technique and axis syllabus classes. Currently I am training to become an Ilan Lev practitioner and a Gestalt therapist. Crucial inspirations for my CI practice come from learning and dancing with Joerg Hassmann, Mirva Mäkinnen and Nancy Stark Smith.

I assisted Daniel Werner and Joerg Hassmann during five years in the CI training program in Berlin and in international workshops. Since 5 years I co-organize the Contact Festivals in Berlin ( and for the 9th time I am part of the organizing team of the Contact meets Contemporary Festival in Goettingen (, and last  year I co-founded the Out of Berlin Jam (  2010 I started teaching weekend workshops and weekly classes. Since then I have been teaching weekly classes in Berlin, many weekend workshops in Germany and abroad (in Sweden, Denmark, Israel and Morocco) and on many CI Festivals in Europe and Goa/India.