A festival is carried by those who enliven it.  This festival becomes alive through the people who grow within and from it.  That’s why many people come year after year.

One needs more than a place and time to develop oneself. So that dancers can dance, singers can sing, cooks can cook, children can play and we can be together for almost a week, one needs a wonderful and yet at the same time simple space, that also provides the potential to be formed. To allow all of this to happen, one needs a few people who gladly work behind the scenes. To allow this idea to become reality, one needs many. To connect and coordinate these two worlds, we have Simone.


SIMONE Is a straight down the line woman. Able to wander between different worlds with ease, as if they were her own; an ever on-the-go chameleon. Simone can be a graphic designer, nature pedagogue, healer, organizer, gardener and simultaneously a dancer. She appears to be a mystery who seems to be untouchable.

However – and this is visible for all who wander through the world with an open heart – there is something within her which is she herself. In every movement, every word and every bat of her eyelid, … in every thought, every act and every moment is a person concealed who has  enormous empathy, understanding and pure vitality of life. And yet her actual essence is … love. The real, true and shared living-within-us … love. In the tangible world, Simone has travelled to almost every continent and spoken to people in many and various languages.  At the moment she is relishing the pleasure of having the opportunity to experience the privilege of creating a place she can call home.