Sophie Kinkel works since 13 years as a Transformative Bodyworker. Her intuitive work is based on the Grinberg Method, Energy Work, innerwise and Trance/Breath Work. The sessions are individuell and can have various aims. A starting point can be that you feel stuck in a certain place in your life and you want to dare to do new steps. You can also use a session to change limiting physical conditions like ongoing tension or pain.

Through attentive touch and description you can learn to get aware of how you sustain limiting patterns, but most important: you learn how to let go of them and to let yourself be free in your individuelle state of being. This allows to digest old experiences and free your energy today. Like this you can follow more free your wishes (including physical recovery) in alignment with your own life energy in the context of life.

Sophie Kinkel offers regularly individual Sessions, Workshops, Trance Dance/Breath Events in her Studio in der Körtestraße 8 in Berlin and Festivals. (Agape Zoe, Bodylove, Young Vision…)