Timothy is a certified Shiatsu-Practitioner and passionate bodyworker, who integrates a range of healing touch traditions like Shiatsu, Nuad Thai and Lomi Lomi Massage into deeply transformative experiences of wellbeing. Grounding, balancing, relieving and energizing, Timothy’s treatments intervene especially well into challenging life situations. Creative, meditative and intense – exciting relaxation with a unique quality.

He used to work as a political scientist, digital media designer and communications- and campaigning consultant for non-profit-organisations and agencies: „My own healing path led me out of the mind into the body, from outside to inside, vom „buzz“ to stillness, from conflict to inner peace and relaxation. Meditative massage practices have crucially accompanied me on this path. With my art of touch and bodywork, I love to share these impulses from my heart.“

Timothy treats private clients in his own practice in Berlin. Also, he is a regular freelance masseur at renowned wellness spas  and 4-star Hotels. Every now and then he give sessions at Yoga-Studios, in offices and during home visits.




His 3 year training in Shiatsu took place in Berlin with Harald Gierl (Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg), further continued education in Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine network, Lahu village near Chiang Mai, and at Maneelanta, Thailand). More trainings in Lomi Lomi Massage (Michael Goddard) and Chi Nei Tsang (Mantak Chia).

Timothy (*1978) has a 2 year old daughter and lives in Berlin. More info: http://www.timothyherkt.com